Slice: Meal plans that make life easier

Meal plans make life easier

Save money. Save time. Live better.


How it works

Personalize your plan

Tell us about your tastes and preferences so we can craft the perfect recipes for you.

Shop your recipes

Receive your personal shopping list and recipe schedule right to your inbox so you can start meal planning, without the stress.

Make amazing meals

Cook amazing meals that will wow your friends, family, and most importantly, yourself.

Life is better with a plan

Less food waste

Ingredients are always used efficiently to help reduce wasteful habits.

Smarter spending

Cost efficient recipes help you keep more money in your pocket.

Better eating habits

Planning makes eating healthy not only simple, but enjoyable.

Your Preference is our priority

Personalized plans help us make better suggestions so you can achieve your goals.


Tastes that suit you

With thousands of recipes lining our database, we are determined to find the ones that work for you.

Flexible at anytime

Change the preferences of your plan whenever you want in a matter of minutes.

Smart selection

Every plan uses smart selection to keep costs in check by utilizing ingredients efficiently.

Data that makes magic

We use multiple data-points under a handful of diet frameworks so that each meal is meaningful to you.

KetoGluten-FreeBudgetVegetarianServing SizeSpicyCooking skill

....and tons more.



Cooking skillServing Size

....and tons more.

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What's inside

Personalized shopping list

To save time, money, and help make shopping a breeze

Easy-to-follow recipes

So you can create amazing meals without the stress

Smart cost breakdown

To help you keep more money for the important things in your life

Fun, meaningful meals

To keep you happy, healthy, and improve your life

Simple, transparent pricing

Straightforward. No hidden fees. Cancel at anytime.

  •  Meal plan delivered weekly
  •  Custom tailored recipes
  •  Simplified shopping lists
  •  Smart ingredient selection
  •  Change your plan anytime
  •  Customer support you'll love

Starting at $5.96 $7.49 per month

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a plan for you,

a meal for them.

For each plan purchase, we pledge $1 to Matter, a non-profit that helps build sustainable, profitable farms in underserved communities.

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Your first meal plan, Free

Get your first 5-day meal plan for free, no strings attached.

Your first meal plan, Free

Get your first 5-day meal plan for free, no strings attached.


Here are some of the common questions that customers ask.

It depends on the plan. Each recipe is selected according to dietary needs or other preferences such as prep time or budget.

Each recipe is picked according to 3 things: simplicity, quality, and taste. These three factors help us evaluate which recipes will work best for you.

You will receive your Slice plan in a PDF sent to your email on Sunday morning. This allows you to prepare for the upcoming week and make sure you get the necessary shopping done.

Yes! It's easy to change your plan to better suit your needs whenever you wish.

Not yet. This is something Slice is looking to implement in the future!

The Smart Cost Breakdown allows you to quickly gauge how much the week's grocery list will cost. The metric is useful for you to understand what you might pay for the list depending on where you live (i.e. more expensive in San Francisco then rural Iowa).


5 Reasons Meal Planning is Important

Meal planning is an important task that can help save time, money, and even improve your healthy eating habits.